• Майкл Фрейн. Headlong

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Майкл Фрейн. Headlong

Синонимы: Одержимый
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Martin Clay, a would-be art historian, believes he has discovered a missing masterpiece. The owner of the painting is oblivious to its potential and asks Martin to help him sell it, leaving Martin with the chance of a lifetime: if he could only separate the painter from its owner, he would be able to perform a great public service, to make his professional reputation - perhaps make rather a lot of money as well.
But is the painting really what Martin belives it to be? As Martin is drawn further into this moral and intellectual labyrinth, events start to spiral out of his control...

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В 1999 году этот роман был номинирован на Букеровскую премию.

Headlong Headlong
Издательство: faber and faber
ISBN: 978-0-571-28348-4

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