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A bizarre journal leads to terror for Sarah Jane and friends, in this exclusive audio story read by Elisabeth Sladen. Rani is delighted to hear that her favourite...

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    Cavan Scott

    Cavan Scott (born 17 April 1973) is a freelance author, journalist and editor best known for his work on a variety of spin-offs from the BBC Television series Doctor Who. He was script editor on the first series of Highlander talking books and co-produces Iris Wildthyme for Big Finish Productions.
    He has also written a number of books based upon the BBC Television series Countryfile and Planet Dinosaur
    He conceived and launched Countryfile Magazine in 2007 and has written for over 30 national magazines and newspapers. He regularly appears on local and national radio commentating on rural affairs and has been a judge of various countryside awards including the RSPB Farming for Nature Award and the FARMA Farm Retailer of the Year.
    He lives near Bristol with his wife Clare and their daughters Chloe and Connie.

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